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Polk Schools Light Stadiums April 16, Encourage Students to "Be the Light"

Illumination Pays Tribute to Class of 2020

Polk County Public Schools will be joining the national movement "Be The Light" on Thursday, April 16.

The significance of the movement is designed to honor and celebrate all Polk County Public School students and the Class of 2020 by illuminating our stadium lights at 8:20 PM (20:20 military time) for 20 minutes.

With athletics, band, JROTC, and cheerleading, being such an important part of the Polk County community, Athletic Directors feel it will be a deserved act of recognition to join the national movement and honor these senior students.

These senior students more than deserve this accolade and respect, given the absence of so many important activities given our current national crisis.

The school district wants students to be a beacon of hope for everyone during the COVID-19 pandemic and wishes for student-athletes to BE THE LIGHT for the entire county during this dark and difficult time. The movement is designed to be a message of hope and district officials want all students to know they are constantly on their minds and in their hearts, especially as they pay tribute this to the CLASS OF 2020.

Editor's note: According to several sources yet to be verified, Be The Light began in Colorado at the beginning of April, to let students know that despite schools being closed due to the pandemic that they were being appreciated and not forgotten. This was soon picked up by other states and now has evolved into a nationwide event.


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