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Addicts Also Fall into High Risk for COVID-19

As the government puts orders in considering this new named Pandemic with the Coronavirus, we have things to keep in mind regarding who is at risk and how to prevent it.

The elderly and those who are unhealthy or have a compromised immune system are at risk of this becoming fatal for them. People who fall under this category should take precaution immediately.

Addicts and alcoholics most definitely fall under this category due to vitamin and mineral deficiencies, lack of sleep, and nutrition.

In this time, we should encourage our loved ones, or maybe even yourself, to take the step to becoming healthy again without the use of alcohol or drugs. Getting back control of your life is amazing, and being safe from this pandemic is a huge bonus.

At our center we are taking great precaution in using preventative measures towards the spread of this virus. We have stopped visitation, our staff are evaluated before work, and we have been using a disinfectant in and around the facility.

We are still committed to helping addicts and alcoholics that are seeking treatment during this difficult time. We recognize the need for Americans to stay at home while also recognizing that there are still people suffering all over the country in need of care, and we want to be here to assist them with that.

If you or anyone you know is struggling, please call us at 888-248-1361.

For more information on how addiction and this pandemic go hand in hand, go to


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