Communication Builds Our Community

Searching for Truth among Agendas and Perspectives

We are constantly bombarded with pieces of information (verbal and nonverbal) from news reports, children, neighbors, employers, employees, government, churches, parents, marketing companies, and many others.

For each of us, how we observe the world around us depends on the quantity and specific providers of the information we choose to consume throughout our waking hours. The specific media platforms which we tune in, people with whom we socialize, and establishments we frequent (adhering to social distancing guidelines, of course) combine with other factors to uniquely determine our perspective on life.

Is the glass really half full, or is it truly half empty? Can there be multiple truths?

I am no expert, and I only can offer more questions:

Ultimately, what is most important in life? In what areas of life am I naïve? What am I really trusting in? How can we train ourselves, and teach the next generation, to filter information through the appropriate lens in order to determine the actual value of what is being presented?

The truth is, as I see it anyway, we all face challenges in life. No matter our level of health (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual), our amount of financial resources, the amount of time we are given to live out our days on earth, the specific people in our lives, everyone is facing somethings. These factors, these somethings, impact the information we seek to consume.

The truth is, we are where we are at this specific moment in time. Exactly where we were, is not where we are now (something has changed). Wherever we will be, is not yet where we are now (something can change).

For me this next week, my agenda is to re-read the 12 chapters of Ecclesiastes, along with John 18:33-38, in preparation for consumption of more bits of information from the world.

My prayer is that when we consume pieces of information presented to us as facts, may we be reminded to ask ourselves how this narrative is "truth" to the presenter. May we have Godly wisdom in what information we seek to consume, and how we filter it. May we also have Godly wisdom in what information we communicate to others (restraint, or boldness only when necessary).

Christian Ponder has been a resident of Lake Wales since 2001. He enjoys living in Lake Wales with his wife and two children.


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