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A Path to Returning

Circumstances, challenges, drifting, distractions, perfectionism, and fear of criticism sometimes lead us off the path on which we were. If that path truly was what God intended... — Updated 8/29/2021


The Numbers 13 and 14

Many times life here and now is challenging for us and extremely challenging for many others. We can easily feel overwhelmed by our personal and community circumstances when we... — Updated 4/8/2021



Circumstances in life are hard to navigate through at times. One of the many things to be appreciated about The Bible is that it is practical and instructive in many places,... — Updated 2/11/2021


5 Psalms a Day Helps Keep the Adversary Away

Do you have a busy life with many responsibilities? Are you feeling frustrated, tired, and beaten down by the "new normal" of COVID-19, work (or unemployment), kids' eLearning,... — Updated 1/10/2021


Taking Sides

Trump or Biden? Mask or no mask? Open school or eLearning? Open the economy, or public safety? Work or family? Push through and get it done, or pull back and reflect? Make a... — Updated 1/10/2021


Reading to Challenge Our Thinking

Are we reading words that genuinely challenge our current thinking? Do we read books, blogs, posts, and news feeds that only tend to be in line with our world experiences? Are we... — Updated 1/10/2021


Proverbs 30 in 2020

As the events around of COVID-19 continue to unfold and test our human and societal frailties and brokenness, I have been pondering many verses from Proverbs 30. May these words... — Updated 1/10/2021


Sins of Omission

Forgive me Father, for the many times I have not done what You have placed on my heart to do. There were things that I perceived were right to pursue, but out of inconvenience,... — Updated 1/10/2021


No Masking the Importance

In times of injustice, sickness, turmoil, and fear, where should we turn? Why should we turn there? Here are some instructions we should heed from Paul: 1 Thessalonians 5:17-22:... — Updated 1/10/2021


We ALL Need Help

Have you watched the news lately; or checked Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, or other "media" outlets recently? James 3:6-8: And the tongue is a fire, a world of unrighteousness. The... — Updated 1/10/2021


Having a HEART for Children in our LAND

The current health crisis has noticeably altered many of our ideas of what, and who, is most important. Some of the things we would have listed as essential in order for us to have... — Updated 1/10/2021


Getting Back to the Basics

Not having lived through a global pandemic, every day may seem fraught with more uncertainty. Here are some pieces of information regarding our present situation that I believe to... — Updated 1/10/2021


A True Friend

There are times when acquaintances in our life provide a timely and caring prayer or action of encouragement that reminds us to keep going, to persevere in where we are or the... — Updated 1/10/2021


Who Are We Trying to Impress?

"Look at me." "I did this." "He is not as good as me." "She is bad, and I deserve your attention." While phrases along these lines are most often uttered by young children (or... — Updated 1/10/2021


Searching for Truth among Agendas and Perspectives

We are constantly bombarded with pieces of information (verbal and nonverbal) from news reports, children, neighbors, employers, employees, government, churches, parents, marketing... — Updated 1/10/2021


We are NOT in Control

As severe thunderstorms are rolling through Lake Wales this morning, I am reminded that we are truly at God's mercy, and He sustains us. It can be frustrating to plan our day, our... — Updated 1/10/2021


Life is Different Now in Lake Wales (Understatement of the Year)

Life in Lake Wales has changed dramatically since early March 2020. Many more people are now truly struggling with making ends meet financially. More people are battling with... — Updated 1/10/2021


Be Encouraged

Whether it is the half-anniversary of when the pandemic shutdowns began in full in Lake Wales, the 19th anniversary of September 11th, or listening to the rhetoric with being less... — Updated 1/10/2021


20 Good Verses [Even in 2020]

Few of us over the age of four living in the United States, and indeed most of the whole world, will likely ever forget many of the unique events we encountered this year. We do... — Updated 1/10/2021


Seeking Right Things

How should we spend our limited time and energy? Which opportunities (no matter how small) do we need to pursue with our whole heart, and which opportunities (no matter how big)... — Updated 1/10/2021


Four of Fours for 2020

This is 2020. This is early November in the United States of America. No original collection of words created by me, here and now, can create any more value for our collective benef... — Updated 1/10/2021


1,000 Minutes

Over the course of my life, I have heard many people say something along the lines of "time flies." The older I get, the faster time does seem to "fly by." For the sake of my young... — Updated 1/10/2021


Overcoming Discouragement

Today, my grandmother turns 92 years old. Since 1928, she has certainly experienced many changes throughout her life in the United States. I am thankful to God for still having... — Updated 1/10/2021


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