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Will 2001 Audi TT Replace Beloved 2003 Mazda Miata?

"I'm back. Back in the saddle again."

Song: "Back in the Saddle" Aerosmith, 1976

Album: Rocks

Hello Everyone.

For those that don't know exactly what Florida Pickers is now is the perfect time to find out. This is my own conception, a concoction of mixing antiques and advertising, as a way of making potentially lucrative and beneficial connections.

It began a few years ago as video snippets I posted regularly on Facebook. I simplified it into a written piece with photos about six months ago.

Over the years I've posted nearly one hundred videos on my FB page and You Tube.

Taking the videos took me away from the heart of the story, and photographs are much easier to take and weave into the narrative.

Today I'm searching for Corvettes, tomorrow it might be researching Remington bronzes and Saturday it very well could be Florida Highwaymen paintings that pass into and out of my life.

Some background is helpful. Right after I coined the name Florida Pickers I conveniently discovered a 1957 Chevy Bel Air station wagon in a field off SR 92 in East Tampa. What a way to start, and the buyer from Miami was more pleased than the Seffner, FL seller.

Because I am in antiques and advertising, I admittedly incorporated American Pickers format of searching for barn finds and collectibles. I love looking for a needle in the haystack - the pearl in the oyster.

What has now inspired me to take up where I left off is the impending sale of one of the main Florida Picker's protagonists from the Day One: my blue 2003 Mazda Miata. Yes, unbelievably my baby is, yes, on the auction block. Or at least officially, as of this morning, on Marketplace on sale for only $3,550.

For my next mode of transportation I have in mind a 2001 Audi TT convertible that belongs to one of my advertisers, Frank, in Fort Pierce. He owns seven cars so you know it's no sweat off his back to part with one for little old me.

Fasten your seatbelt and join me for a ride around our fabulous state in search of hidden treasure.

I'm back.

Join Drew each week and receive hot of the press updates.

Do you actually believe Drew will really sell his beloved Miata?

Will he buy a lemon in the Audi, or is it just the thing Drew needs to make FP a smashing success?

Check back next week to find out if anyone wants a car, even an MX-5, with 240,000 miles so Drew can buy the Audi TT.

To buy-or not to buy. That IS the question.


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