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Ag Commissioner Fried Speaks as Polk Democrats Highlight Candidates

The Polk County Democrats held a press conference on Oct. 28 at Lake Mirror in Lakeland which was highlighted by the appearance of Florida Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services and Florida Democratic Leader Nikki Fried. Also appearing was Florida Democratic Party Chair Terrie Rizzo, as well as the Democratic candidates running in Polk County. CDC guidelines were followed. Polk County Democratic Executive Committee Chair Kathie Sutherland, M.D. welcomed all to the event and introduced the speaker.

Democratic candidates who participated and spoke to the crowd included Alan Cohn for U.S. Representative, Florida's 15th Congressional District, Allen Ellison for U.S. Representative, Florida's 17th Congressional District, Kathy Lewis for Florida State Senate, Senate District 20, Chris Cause for Florida State Representative, House District 39, Jan Barrow for Florida State Representative, House District 40, Barbara Cady for Florida State Representative, House District 42, James Davis for Florida State Representative, House District 56, and Bob Doyel for Polk County Commission, District 3. Jessy Kane also spoke on behalf of Jared West for Florida State Representative, House District 41, who was unable to attend. Darren Soto who is running for reelection for U.S. Representative, Florida's 9th Congressional District was also unable to attend due to a schedule conflict.

Commissioner Fried, spoke to the importance of Polk County and Florida in the upcoming election and the need for everyone to vote and encourage others to vote. She noted the unacceptable deaths and illnesses from the COVID-19 pandemic, the lack of proper leadership, as well as transparency and accuracy in the reporting regarding the pandemic and the resulting economic impact, the failure of the unemployment system here in Florida, as well as the quality of the candidates here in Polk County to provide much-needed leadership.

FDP Chair Terrie Rizzo thanked all Polk County Democratic volunteers for their hard work on behalf of all Democratic candidates and thanked the excellent list of candidates who have stepped up to run.

The Polk County candidates spoke to a variety of issues including the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare, education, the economy, the environment, protecting the disabled, racial equality, and the importance of exercising our right to vote. Each one outlined their plan for better leadership. Polk County Democratic recommendations for candidates, amendments, and early voting locations can be found at


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