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Big Bass Are Biting Now, So Let's See Where the Action Is

It's that time of year when big bass are starting to come out to play. The current hot-spot seems to be Lake Walk-in-the-water, where several giants have been caught on shiners at mouth of the canal. Specks are also being caught by drifting minnows across the middle of lake.

On Lake Hatchineha some of the local anglers are catching a few limits of speck in the "hour glass," but bass fishing has still been spotty at best. Folks are catching a few on swim baits in bluegill patterns. Get out there early.

Big Lake Kissimmee has seen speck limits coming on outside, as reported by a few locals, with the general consensus being that they are biting best around Lemon point. Bass have yet to pull up, but the most consistency coming from throwing a top-water lure of some sort. Try your techniques in the middle trails and by covering a ton of water.

Come back each week and we'll offer an update based upon what's being reported. If you have tips you care to share, please email them to [email protected], or email your tips and photos directly to [email protected].

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Good luck, and good fishing!


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