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Walk-in-the-Water Stocked With Prize-Winning Tagged Bass

One of Four Florida Lakes Revealed to Host Contest Bass

Lake Walk-in-the-Water has been revealed to contain a tagged bass, one of several Florida lakes to have received a trophy bass bearing a special pink tag. The tag and documentation will earn one lucky fisherman an entry into a state-wide contest sponsored by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC).

Lake George, Newnans Lake, and Lake Talquin also host one of the tagged fish, with two other lakes to be revealed later in the contest, which runs through September 30, 2022.

The rest of the locations of the tagged bass are a mystery, so fishermen are invited to visit for new site hints and site reveals each week.

Fishermen are advised to register at to be ready to submit a catch. Registration is free.

Remember these steps

1. Document the bass with a photo or video of the ENTIRE bass on a scale with the weight clearly legible.

2. CUT AND KEEP the pink tag.

3' Release the bass.

The bass must then be submitted to TrophyCatch according to TrophyCatch Rules.

CATCH a bass with the pink Ba$$ Tag via hook and line.

REMOVE and KEEP the pink Ba$$ tag by cutting the tag close to the bass.

PHOTO OR VIDEO DOCUMENT the entire bass on a scale with a readable weight to be submitted into TrophyCatch (TC) according to TC Rules.

REPORT your tag by calling the phone number on the tag, and RETAIN the tag for prize verification.

LIVE RELEASE the bass back into the same water system that it was caught.

Anglers must follow all applicable State of Florida fishing regulations, including having a valid fishing license (or exemption).

The TrophyCatch Ba$$ promotion ends on September 30, 2022.

Any bass bearing Ba$$ tags caught after September 30, 2022, receive a standard $100 tag payment.

If a bass bearing a Ba$$ tag is caught and weighs less than 8 lbs., the angler must still document the fish's weight according to TC Rules and submit it to TC.

Prizing will be awarded at a Ceremony following the end of the 10-TAG promotion, prizing will start at $1,000

FWC employees including OPS are not eligible to win prizes.

Follow the TrophyCatch Rules and these 10-TAG Rules.


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