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Changing Seasons Mean Changes in Fishing Tactics

With warming weather and recent rains, fishing patterns keep changing. Keep checking back for the latest updates.

On big Lake Walk-in-the-Water, bluegill and shell cracker are still being caught on red worms and crickets in the lily pads and grass. Bass are schooling on shad in the grass first thing in the morning. Try throwing a white horny toad lure around the grass margins.

On Lake Hatchineha, a few local anglers are still catching specks at day light in Gator Cove using minnows for bait. Mostly small bass are biting, with the occasional big fish mixed in, but try flipping the along edge of the grass line.

On the Lake Kissimmee Chain, shell crackers are still thick in the lily pads around Lemon Point to Sturm Island. Water is ripping down the river, so try throwing crank baits and Carolina rigs at the mouth of Lake Cypress.

Editor's Note: We would like to share photos of you with your big catch! If you have tips or photos you care to share, please email them directly to [email protected].


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