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University, High School Student Sports Reporters Sought

News Interns Will Gain Résumé-Filling Credit


Last updated 5/2/2022 at 6:46pm

Sports reporters are able to write about the exploits of their own teams in a wide variety of sports.

Area college and high school students with a penchant for sports have an opportunity to earn some career creds by providing coverage of their favorite local teams, according to Robert Connors, managing editor of LakeWalesNews.Net.

"We're eager to expand our coverage far beyond football," Connors said. "We want to cover everything from bowling to lacrosse." Baseball, basketball, soccer, swimming, tennis, and more are potential subject matter, he said.

"Each intern is invited to write about their own favorites, even if they are players on the team," Connors said. "We will equip them with a press pass" and related needs, he added. Reasonable expenses involved in gathering the stories will also be covered.

The intent is to give each of the student athletes or fans a chance to build a resume of experience that can help with college or job applications in the future. The student writers will receive by-lines for story credit, and a photo of the writer will be included on each story published.

LakeWalesNews is particularly seeking students from Lake Wales High School, Polk State College, Warner University, and Webber International University, though students from other schools are also invited to apply.

Those interested should send an email to [email protected], and include basic information about their areas of interest, along with reliable contact details.


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