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Fishing Still Active as Rains Begin

The beginning of the wet summer season is upon us, and that means lots of changes in fishing patters. The dry spring has left some lakes very low, which also means that boaters should exercise caution around potential shoals.

On Lake Walk-in-Water, try drifting with a Whack-em jig off shore for specks. Anglers are catching 10-15 per trip with some really good ones mixed in. Bass are offshore and out in front of the big pier at Indian Lake on the east side of lake. Drag a Carolina rig with a blueberry Monster worm.

On Lake Kissimmee, bluegill and shell cracker still being caught inside the pads around 27 Palms, polluted waters, and the mouth of the Kissimmee River. Bass are biting early in the pads on popping frogs. Try the darker colors such as black, blue and natural green. After the sun comes up, move to the outside and flip. Anglers are catching big fish with the Medlock jig and a Woopah crawfish lure.

On Lake Hatchineha, there's not much happening with the extremely low water levels, and not many people are running the lake. Once the monsoon rains set in and the water levels rise expect more action.

Editor's Note: We would like to share photos of you with your big catch! If you have tips or photos you care to share, please email them directly to [email protected].


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