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Low Water Presents Fishing Hazards on Lake Hatchineha

Recent Rains May Improve Situation

For the best local fishing action head to Lake Walk-in-the-Water, where bluegill and shell crackers may be found in lily pads around the lake. Look for the pads shaking, and drop a red worm on the bottom. There are a few bass roaming the shallows at day break and in the evening. Throw a "horny toad" in the junebug color to any isolated cover on the south end.

Due to the extremely low water level, Lake Hatchineha is unsafe for boating and fishing, and it is advised to avoid fishing the lake until levels rise to cover the shoals and sandbars.

On Lake Kissimmee, as with all the Kissimmee chain, the lake is also very low as well. Use caution. Bluegill may be found stacked in isolated pad clumps from Eagles Nest to Lemon Point. The mouth of the river is still producing some bluegill and others are catching limits of shell crackers around Storm island. Try fishing with a black-blue Senko with a punch skirt. Bass are hit or miss with most tournaments being won in Toho and Cypress. Fish offshore hydrilla with a topwater plug then switch to a worm.

For details on Kissimmee Chain water levels and rainfall, visit the Army Corps of Engineers website.

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