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Rains Are Producing More Fishing Action

Water Levels Slowly Recovering

For the best local fishing action head to Lake Walk-in-the-Water, where bank fishermen are catching limits of bluegill and shell crackers from the Indian Lake canals. Lake levels coming finally up and bass are more active both early and late. Throw a Whopper Plopper in bluegill around any isolated cover.

On Lake Kissimmee fishers are still catching shell crackers in the lily pads near Gobbler Ridge, around Lemon Point, and Bird Island, mostly on red worms. Lots of recent rain has cooled water temperatures a little bit. First thing in morning throw a top-water plug, and then bring out the flipping rods on the outside grass. The mouth of the river is still producing some bluegill and others are catching limits of shell crackers around Storm island.

Due to the extremely low water level, Lake Hatchineha is still generally unsafe for boating and fishing, and it is advised to avoid fishing the lake until levels rise to cover the shoals and sandbars. Recent rains in the area may correct that situation shortly.

For details on Kissimmee Chain water levels and rainfall, visit the Army Corps of Engineers website at

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