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Warner University Unveils New Campus Safety Smartphone App

Product is a Project of 911Cellular and Warner Staff

Last year school shootings rose to the highest number in two decades. but according to the U.S. Department of Education, the most reported crimes on college campuses are burglaries, sexual harassment and motor vehicle thefts, Now more than ever, it's important for schools to use the best tools available to help keep campus safe.

In response, Warner University and 911Cellular have launched a new smart phone app called "WarnerShield," designed to protect students and staff members with 911Cellular's safety technology.

In the face of Hurricane Ian, the app's emergency alert function was immediately put to use to warn students of the coming danger and issue evacuation notices. The Hurricane's eye crossed near campus and all students were evacuated. No injuries were reported.

The customized WarnerShield app is free on the App Store and Google Play, and it allows users to directly connect with campus safety forces, receive emergency alerts, anonymously submit tips or concerns, request safety escorts, and even allows friends to remotely monitor your activity with the "Walk With a Friend" feature.

According to recent polling, less than half (45%) of college students feel "very safe" on campus, and less than a third (28%) feel "very safe" walking around campus at night. Female students are 20 percentage points less likely than male students to feel very safe walking around campus at night.

Chad Salahshour, CEO of 911Cellular, said: "We're proud to be launching our unique campus safety app at Warner U. The sad truth is that there are a lot of threats out there, even on campus. Through the WarnerShield app, students and faculty alike can download this tool for self-protection and peace of mind."

Janet Craigmiles, Vice President for HR and Organizational Effectiveness/Title IX Coordinator at Warner University, said: "With the launch of the WarnerShield app, we are eager to take our campus safety commitment to the next level. Launching the free app is just the beginning. Now we must raise awareness so that everyone knows about the availability of this free technology and downloads the app."

WarnerShield was custom designed for Warner University by 911Cellular to provide users with all the most cutting-edge safety tools to maximize campus safety. The app offers several features, including:

• Emergency Button Slider – Directly connects you to campus safety forces.

• Submit Issue or Tip – Anonymously submit tips and safety concerns with photos / videos.

• Walk With A Friend – Have a friend monitor your activity for a pre-configured amount of time.

• Request assistance – Dial your campus non-emergency number or request a safety escort.

• Resources – Stay updated by accessing a multitude of campus resources.

• Athletic / Campus Calendar – View the corresponding calendars on the Warner University website.

Warner University is a full-time, faith-based university with an undergraduate enrollment of about 1000 students. Following its successful fall launch of the WarnerShield app, the school hopes to see at least 60% of students download the free app in the first semester of the 2022/2023 school year.


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