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Area Farmers Eligible to Receive AgPack Benefits

Low Payment Kings and Mahalak Auto Group Offer Eligibility

A ten-year-old project helping farmers find a return on their truck investment is being maintained after three Low Payment Kings dealerships recently renewed their eligibility in the Certified Ag Dealer Program (CAD) allowing them to continue offering AgPack to their farm customers. AgPack benefits to farmers can quickly add up to over $30,000 in real operational savings if all AgPack options were utilized, according to representatives of the company.

The nationwide program will continue to be available at three Low Payment King dealerships- Lake Wales Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram of Winter Haven and Posner Park Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat. All had previously completed stringent training when they become an official CAD. That training helps them better understand the specific demands ranchers, farmers and growers have of their farm vehicles.

"While trucks are a critical tool on the farm, the bottom line for farmers is also critical," noted Ralph Mahalak, one of the owners of the Mahalak Auto Group. "Being able to provide our customers with access to AgPack through a new or used vehicle is game changing. We can literally help the agriculture buyer save thousands of dollars in their daily operations through the AgPack exclusive rebates and discounts on products and services from some of agriculture's leading brands."

AgPack is a collaboration of agricultural companies who, collectively, have organized a specialized package of discounts and rebates that agriculture cannot get anywhere else, on inputs producers have to buy anyway.

"It's not just about working with a specialty agriculture truck dealership when buying a new truck," added Mahalek. "It's also about making sure farmers have a truck dealership they can trust for parts and service when the truck isn't so new. A specialty store they can rely on to help keep things running like they do their tractor, fertilizer or fencing dealer."

Those involved in agriculture can register for an AgPack® ID Number at, then provide their AgPack ID number when ordering or purchasing any qualifying new or used truck at any Certified Agriculture Dealerships.

"Believe it, or not, AgPack is free with the purchase or lease of a qualifying new, or pre-owned, farm truck, or SUV, from a Certified Agriculture Dealership," said Pat Driscoll, CEO of Certified Agriculture Group. "Plus, AgPack can be stacked on top of any incentive, rebate, fleet or VIP program the local dealer can offer."

"More than anything, farmers and ranchers want...need...the most durable vehicle money can buy," added Driscoll. "We know because we're ranchers and farmers, too. And that's what we want. Our focus is to make sure our agriculture family gets an honest to goodness return on their truck investment. From a dealer that actually understands and cares about who we are, and what we need."

Discounts and rebates are offered on a wide range of products used in the agriculture industry, including tires, commercial mowers, crop nutrition, irrigation, fencing, soil testing, and other products and services.

To learn more about the Certified Agriculture Dealership Program and AgPack go to, visit one of the Low Payment Kings Certified Agriculture Dealers, or call them at 863-251-5517 to gain access to the free AgPack benefits or visit them online at


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