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Blue Beetle is a Fun Superhero Film

I finally got to see Blue Beetle over the weekend. This is a superhero character I had never heard of.

Blue Beetle is a fun and enjoyable superhero film that brings a fresh perspective to the genre. Xolo Maridueña delivers a charming and charismatic performance as Jaime Reyes, a young man who stumbles upon an alien scarab that grants him extraordinary powers. Together with his family and friends, he must learn to control his newfound abilities and use them to protect his community.

The film's greatest strength lies in its characters. Jaime is a relatable protagonist who is easy to root for. He is intelligent, funny, and deeply devoted to his family. The supporting cast is equally well-developed, with Susan Sarandon giving a great performance as the villainous Victoria Kord. The film also features strong performances from Bruna Marquezine, George Lopez, and Raoul Trujillo.

Bruna is apparently a rising star in Brazil but I had never heard of her. She did a good job.

Director Ángel Manuel Soto does an excellent job of balancing the film's action, humor, and heart. The action scenes are well-choreographed and visually stunning, while the film's humor is genuine and infectious. The special effects, especially those of the Beetle taking over Jamie, are pretty impressive. The plot can drag a bit in places however.

But it is the film's emotional core that truly sets it apart. The relationship between Jaime and his family is beautifully realized. There are scenes where Jamie is very annoyed by his family and there are scenes you can tell he's obviously strengthened by their presence. We have probably all felt both among our own families at times.

Sarandon is particularly memorable as Victoria Kord. She brings a chilling intensity to the role, and her performance adds a layer of gravitas to the film. She very much seemed to enjoy being the bad guy in this one. Some of it was very funny.

There is an underlying theme in this movie about how much we want technology to take over our lives. There's also a running thread about problems with gentrification of poorer neighborhoods.

Overall, Blue Beetle is a delightful and fun superhero film that all ages can enjoy. It isn't great but it is a film that is both heartwarming and entertaining, with a strong message about the importance of family and community. It is fun to watch.

This is obviously set in the old Zack Snyder universe of DC but is disconnected to all related characters. So there are no cameos from other DC superheroes. Therefore a sequel is possible in the new James Gunn universe.

3 out of 5 stars.


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