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Bluegills and Shellcrackers are Feasting Now

On Lake Walk-in-Water, bluegill action is heating up for those who are using crickets in the lily pads. Throw a Gambler Big EZ or Houdini lure first thing in the morning for bass. Some are running up to 5 pounds.

The action on Lake Hatchineha is primarily bluegills and shellcrackers. They are being caught inside the grass lines across from the port. Bass are also starting to pick up in the morning. Try throwing a popping frog along the pad lines. Get out the flipping rod and use a creature style bait.

On Lake Kissimmee, the Mayfly hatch is going on and bluegill are feeding in the grass and pads at first light. Once the sun comes up, start looking for the bluegill and flip a jig.

Editor's Note: We would like to share photos of you with your big catch! If you have tips or photos you care to share, please email them directly to [email protected].


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